The Electric Iron-On Show (2017 Remaster)

The groundbreaking first album from Touch

In the early 1990’s, Touch took the Lubbock music scene by storm. Within a year of the band’s inception, they were starting the process of assembling an album. That album went on to become one of the best selling local albums ever released. The Electric Iron-On Show is a collection of twelve songs that are at once emotive, powerful and memorable. Sonic Biscuit is delighted to present this offering to the modern music listener, freshly remastered by the original album session engineer. 


Touch - The Electric Iron On Show (2017 Remaster)

Brad Bogle - Guitars

Kenny Lachnicht - Drums

Kit Lindsey - Bass

D-Lee Morris - Vocals

 In the early 1990’s guitarist Brad Bogle and singer Daniel Morris met in a music theory class at Texas Tech. They quickly discovered a shared passion for music and were soon joined by drummer Kenny Lachnicht. The band was one seat away from being complete and the trio recruited Kit Lindsey to play bass. From there the band quickly began playing and writing together. Within months they became a solid draw for the Lubbock area music venues and decided it was time to record a few of their songs. They went to visit Don Caldwell Studios where they met engineer/producer Mark Murray and recorded five of their original tracks.

The following year, Touch returned to the studio to record seven more tracks. This collection became The Electric Iron On Show album and it was a huge success in the local music scene. Touch was filling music venues and their album was outselling major label artists in the local music stores. Their music was in heavy rotation on the regional radio stations and their fan base became quite devoted to their band.

Sonic Biscuit Records wanted to add this piece of Lubbock music history to their Legacy Artist Series and was able to conscript the original DAT mixes of The Electric Iron On Show from the artist. These recordings have been carefully remastered by Mark Murray, the original engineer for The Electric Iron On Show album. Enjoy this important piece of Lubbock’s music history.

Coming in October. The first album from 90’s Lubbock rock band Touch will soon be available. Visit this website for details and exact release dates.