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The latest release from Four Stories Tall

FST is back with a new six song EP. The plus is guitarist Phil Bush who steps in to add his unique tones to the original FST lineup. The combination of electronic explorations coupled with Bush’s earthy guitar tones further demonstrates this band’s penchant for pushing the envelope of modern rock music production.

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Four Stories Tall

Four Stories Tall is an ensemble devoted to the creation of music without boundaries. Well, that’s kind of an over-promise. So they are really an ensemble devoted to the creation of music that roughly resembles progressive rock, playable within the skill set of the individual musicians and their guest artists. Located in Dallas, their focus has been primarily writing, experimenting with technology and recording. They released their first full length album in 2015, The Road West. This album established the band’s creative ethic to produce the best possible content within available means.

Since the time of that release, original founding member and guitarist,  Mark Turner has left Dallas for the Great Northwest. There were numerous songs in production at the time of his departure, so the band faced the challenge of searching for a new guitarist and finishing projects left incomplete. They were fortunate to latch on to a like minded musician in guitarist Phil Bush. With the band complete once more, they are moving forward with the completion of works and forging onward to create new material.

The Minus EP was released in July of 2017 and features four songs that share a common thread, they were all conceived in the absence of one or more band members. This release still features Mark Turner on guitar.

The latest release, Plus is a six song EP that introduces guitarist Phil Bush. It mixes the electronic explorations of Minus with the earthy guitar tone of Bush for a nice juxtaposition of sounds that explore the far reaches of rock, indie, electronic and prog.

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Four Stories Tall’s Sophomore EP

The four song EP, Minus is available for download from CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon. This EP features the original FST line-up - Mark Matos (Basses), Mark Murray (Keyboards, Vocals), Mark Turner (Guitars) and John Wilson (Drums). Additional vocal talent provided by Tara Allison, Greg Gibson, Cindy Murray and Gina Roberts.


The Road West

Prog Rock Tall Tales from West Texas

Four Stories Tall’s first full length album tells the story of West Texas from the eyes of an Irish immigrant, a drifter, a stray dog, an oil field rough neck and a cotton farmer’s wife. The scenery includes the Brazos River, a city divided, a cotton field and a ghostly train. This album features the original FST line up and an amazing group of guest musicians including Tara Allison,Dustin Ballard, Richard Bowden, Greg Gibson, Lloyd Maines, Gina Roberts and John Sprott. Get your West Texas prog on.