Welcome to Sonic Biscuit

This is the home to a unique collection of progressive rock, alternative and electronic musics from Texas. All of the artists represented on this site have some sort of tie to Lubbock, a city isolated by large stretches of nothing in any given direction and the perfect incubator for some of the greatest music produced in the state. This site is dedicated to the lesser known artists that were part of that scene. Sonic Biscuit is proud to present new releases from current artists as well as serving as curator for several legacy releases that were previously unavailable in modern digital formats

Current Releases

Four Stories Tall - Plus

Plus is the third release from Dallas based Four Stories Tall. This EP features the original FST line-up plus guitar slinger, Phil Bush. This six song collection takes lessons learned from the Minus EP and delivers some of the the bands most cohesive songwriting.

Four Stories Tall - Minus

Minus is the sophomore EP release from Dallas based, Four Stories Tall. This project finds the band experimenting with new creative processes as they explore and refine their sound. The common thread for this collection is all the songs were initially composed in the absence of one or more band members.

Legacy Artist Series Releases

Touch - The Electric Iron-On Show (2017 Remaster)

In 1993 Touch released their first album. This period of the band’s music is truly lightning in a bottle as these four ambitious, young musicians created a unique new sound. Touch became the new gold standard for alternative rock in Lubbock. This newly remastered version takes it to a whole new level.

Mesquite-O-Bytes (2017 Remaster)

In 1994, Mesquite-O-Bytes released their self titled album. It was a combination of progressive rock and West Texas grit that made it’s mark on the Lubbock, Texas music landscape. Sonic Biscuit is delighted to add this newly remastered version of the original album to our Legacy Artist Series.

Asparagus Nightmares (2017 Remaster)

Asparagus Nightmares began making appearances at Lubbock music venues in the mid-eighties and quickly garnered a devout following. Their unique blend of funk, jazz, punk and progressive rock was the impetus for this timeless album. Sonic Biscuit's is proud to present this newly remastered version for the modern listener.